Friday, October 3, 2008

Events of the Week (Long Post Alert!)

I totally messed up when uploading the pictures today so the week will be backwards! Yesterday we joined the Girl Scouts for a field trip to Bellewood Acre Farms. I had never been before and I found the tour to be very interesting. Who would have thought there was so much involved in growing apples!

We were just a small group so we were able to take the golf carts on the tour. The girls really liked that part!! Katie really wanted to drive but we insisted that it was a Girl Scout rule that no 11 year olds were allowed to drive golf carts!

Here's Emily crushed between Klems!

Just one of the apples from 22,000 trees on the farm!

Here was one of the carts in front of us on the tour.

Here's one of the huge boxes of picked Apples. One of our local grocery stores, Haggen, purchases almost all of the apples produced at this farm.

Here were a couple of the workers!

This is the owner, John, who is taking some of the apples back to the barn.

There were lots of pretty flowers there too!

and pumpkins,

and sunflowers,

and corn!

Here's the group of girls that went!

On Sunday we went to pick up the girls from my Auntie Deb's and Uncle Ken's after our night out. They live in Richmond and we had to pass this to get there. It's usually dark when we go up or I'm driving so it's hard to take pictures. During Expo 86, this place was booming and it used to charge a fortune to hold your wedding here. It was even the site of some Hollywood movies in it's hayday. Now the parking lot just sits empty. It's very sad!

It also seems to be the graveyard for Chinese Parade Dragons.

We also have to pass this Chinese Temple, which at night has a huge Buddha lit up that is very cool! We didn't want to get out of the car because there were people going to Temple and we didn't want to disturb them so I just took pictures from inside the car. These are the steps that lead up to the Buddha.

Here's part of the roof.

I tried to take a picture as we were driving away but of course there's a big utility pole in the way but at least you get the idea. Unbeknown to us, my Aunt and Uncle had taken the kids on a tour of the Temple earlier in the day. I wish I could have gone!

I think that they also got in a little Hot Tubbing while we were gone too! This picture is courtesy of Uncle Ken! I love the Rubber Duckey!

My cousin Matt Matt's friend Jen Jen was visiting too. She was an esthetician and now is about to finish up two years of Massage Therapist Schooling. It is a very rigorous program in B.C. What more can you want ~ a girl that gives pedicures and a massage!! Katie was one of the lucky recipients of a pedicure on Sunday!

While the pedicure was going on I snuck out to take some more pictures. This is their backyard. Alot of the flowers are dying off now but they won gardening awards this year for both their front and backyard. Here's a peak at their backyard and a couple of really pretty flowers.

On Sunday was the Oyster Run. It is a really big thing for the Motorcyclists around here. We saw tons of them around town. When Gord came back from his early morning run, he saw that the gal across the street was having trouble starting her bike.

He tried to jump the bike with his car but the cables were too big.

Then he tried to push start her. Still no luck!

Then biker friends showed up!

More trials with the car but they finally gave up and she had to push her bike into her garage and she rode off on the back of somebody else's bike. I was very helpful ~ I took pictures!


Cheryl said...

I'm glad you finally went to the apple farm. It's SO much fun & a neat experience as well. We got a tour (just our little family) a few years ago ... fun!

I like the flower pictures from Ken & Deb's backyard ... cool!

It's ALWAYS helpful to take pictures of anything happening. I mean really, what could you have done to help the biker chick other than taking pictures? LOL

Judy said...

The tour of the apple farm looks fun, especially getting to go on the golf carts, and the apples look delicious!

You have a knack for great photos...I love the ones of the flowers, and also the pumpkins, corn, and everything else.

Lucky Katie to get a pedicure!!