Monday, July 28, 2008

Ragnar Relay 2008

Gord and a few of his friends entered The Northwest Passage ~ Ragnar Relay again this year. A few of the team members have changed but the core group is the same.

The team starts out in Blaine, WA and ends up 24 hours later in Langley, WA. There are 12 members per team and each team member runs 3 legs. Gord ran a total of 18.8 miles over the 24 hour period.

Their team, All Over the Pace, didn't fair quite as well as last year's finish but they still finished a very respectible 6th place out of 24 teams in their division. Overall, they finished 23 out of 142 teams. I think that they still did pretty darn good!!

A good portion of these pictures are compliments of Terence/Cheryl. Terence took the pictures and Cheryl was nice enough to email them to me! A lot of Gord's pictures didn't turn out very well. Our camera doesn't fair too well at dusk/in the dark.

Gord drove up to Blaine in the morning to see some of the friends that he's made on-line in his running forums. He looks forward to meeting them in person at running events! They were on another team that was competing.

Because there are 12 members on each team, it is necessary to have at least 2 vans to transport everyone. Gord was in Van #2. They are pictured below starting with Ray on the left, then Brian, Alisa, Gord, Sandy and Terence.

Here's a very sweaty Gord!

This picture's a little blurry but I really like it anyways. Gord is coming in and ready to pass off to his buddy Ray in his signature Green Shorts!

Here's Gord's other buddy Terence looking strong in his leg.

Here's a picture of Terence doing Lord knows what getting ready for his night leg. You can see his head lamp on his head.

Here's Ray's wife Sandy running over Deception Pass at dusk.

Here's Brian running so fast you can barely see him!

This was home for everyone for 24 hours. Terence was nice enough to volunteer his Van and his Chauffering even though he had to run all of his legs too!

Here's the gang the next morning after having a chance to shower at some really nice showers at a brand new school. Gord said there were enough shower heads for the entire football team to have a shower at the same time!

Here's Gord with his new shirt and medal. I think that the motto was definitely Run. Drive. Sleep. Repeat. Although I'm not so sure that there was enough of the Sleeping part!


Cheryl said...

Hey, they can't win them all but finishing is just as important! ☺

theburger said...

Awww! You changed the look! But I must say it looks really good...Keep up the good work...Uncle Wally