Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hawaii ~ Sunday July 6th

On Sunday we were invited out to Terence's Aunt Audrey and Uncle Harold's house. They had a nice 2,600 sf beach house that was very nicely landscaped and on the market for lots of money if anybody's interested! His Aunt and Uncle were very nice and very hospitable. They had a very nice lunch for us and Terence's cousin and son.

I caught a couple of nice pictures of Katie and Emily in their new dresses that they bought at the market.

Here's Aunt Audrey and Uncle Harold with Gord.

This was the cove that was out in "front" of their beach house. You can see the kids playing off in the left hand corner.

We got to try our hand at Snorkeling and saw some very pretty Humuhumunukunukuapua fish and lots of others. Gord even saw an eel. Look at these scary creatures!

There was coral in the cove and this is my coral wound! I'm hoping it will scar so that I will have a lasting memory and a tale to go along with it!

While there, a turtle decided to climb up on the beach to sun himself! This was very cool and definitely a highlight of the trip!

Here's a close-up. (Thanks Cheryl for the cropping idea!)

I got a picture of the girls touching the turtle but I found out afterwards this is a big no-no as Turtles are an endangered species in Hawaii. Shh, don't tell!

While we were having lunch a second one joined the first.

A group of people discovered that the second smaller one had a fish hook and fish line attached to her flipper. It was quite the ordeal to remove it from her. She was not pleased and didn't know that they were trying to help her.

This is not the actual hook but Terence's Uncle saw it and said this was very similar to the one that was stuck in the Turtle.

Once free she decided she wasn't going to hang around so she took off into the ocean!

Later that night, the S Family joined us in Waikiki for dinner and some looking around. Here's a picture of both of our families.

Here's a picture of Callie and Emily on Waikiki Beach.

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Cheryl said...

Where's the picture of YOU & the snorkel gear?!? I'm sure that would be the picture of the year! HA

I like how you got a colored child in the group picture ... how'd you manage that?!?

☺ Hanging out at the beach house was definitely one of the better days in Hawaii!!!!!

Here's hoping you get a scar from the coral ... fun times!