Monday, July 21, 2008

Hawaii ~ Mon, July 7th & Tues, July 8th

We've finally made it to the last two days of our Hawaii trip. I really didn't take too many pictures the last couple of days so it was easy to combine them into one post.


After spending most of our last day at the beach we went and had dinner and then treated ourselves to some Baskin and Robbins Ice Cream.

Now, the next image is for Gord. He made me post a picture of myself that he took to prove that I wore a bikini in Hawaii. Sorry folks, but this is as close as we're getting!


On our last day we got up really early and went to the beach one last time for about an hour. We then headed back to the hotel for a shower and to pack last minute items. We checked out and headed to the Airport. We got there way too early!

We managed to amuse ourselves by playing cards and grabbing some lunch. While we were waiting to board we met some real live roadies for the band Live. They were a couple of characters and fun to talk to.

Here's a pretty garden that they have for you to walk in at the Honolulu Airport.

My family "Hanging Loose" waiting to board the plane!

We were sad to leave but it was nice to get back home again too. Summer had finally arrived and we've been enjoying really nice weather ever since. We are now on to dreaming up our next vacation!


Jerrie said...

Nice bikini. I can't believe you are censoring me! :)

Fun times.

Gordon said...

Sexy Mama Lama!

Cheryl said...

I can't believe you censored that picture!!! I think there's something in my civil rights that prevents that! I'll get back to you! ☺

Judy said...

I'm just now checking out all your Hawaii pictures, and they are great. It looks like it was quite an adventure, from learning the hula, to going to the beach, to getting manicures, doing the running event...etc.