Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My New New Camera

I got my new, new camera yesterday. Not to be confused, of course, by my old new camera. Before this I had not had a new camera in about 6 years and in Digital camera years this was very ancient. I really like my old new camera but it was only meant to be a purse camera. It works very well in a lot of situations and I can have it with me at all times. But since I have been doing this, I have also seen it's limitations.

I have been looking at the Canons and Nikons for a couple of months but I ended up choosing this Sony. I got an awesome deal on it. It is an entry level DSLR but it has been getting really good user reviews. Years ago, I had a Minolta 35mm camera that I really liked and when Minolta stopped making cameras they sold the technology to Sony so my old lenses will work with this new camera!

Here is a picture of the new camera and a few random pictures that I took with it today.


Cheryl said...

I'm SUPER jealous! Sheesh, between you & Jerrie and your NEW cameras! Then again, I do have keys to both your houses! ☺

Jerrie said...

Happy shooting! (with the camera that is...)