Sunday, May 11, 2008

Girl Scout Camp & Mother's Day

This weekend was Girl Scout Camp at River Ranch in Carnation, WA. This was my sixth year attending camp and my fifth at River Ranch. I am not a camper and every year I dread going but every year I end up having a good time and am glad I went. This is my commitment to my girls' camping experience so I hope that it works for them!! BTW, the rest of the camping pictures can be found here.

We left Friday after school and came home on Sunday afternoon. The weather forcast was not promising but it ended up being not so bad. It only rained after dinner on Saturday night and let up sometime after midnight.

We stayed at Wagon's West and below are pictures of the Wagons that we slept in. The girls think that they're really cool.

Friday night it took us until after midnight to get everyone settled in and to sleep. We had a lot of younger girls and for most of them this was their first time at Camp. Saturday night was much better, about 50% of them were asleep before I had made the rounds!!

The nights were a little cool but we remained surprisingly "warm" throughout the night. I slept with a touque (wool hat for you Americans) on my head and I pulled it down over my nose to keep it warm.

The picture to the left is my view as I woke up on Sunday morning!!

Here is a picture of the covered Kitchen area where we ate all of our meals.

Some of the girls are eating breakfast. And of course after the meals the girls had to wash all of their own dishes.

This is the lake by the big lodge where some of the girls canoed.
After breakfast we went on a nice hike where I took lots of pictures. The bottom one is of Shelf Fungi. I thought it looked really cool.

Here is the ampitheatre where campfire is held. The girls were chosen to do Closing Flag Ceremony so they were practicing really hard. Unfortunately by the time Flag Ceremony came around it was a torrential downpoar so it was held in the lodge. They still did the ceremony but it wasn't as nice as it would have been in the ampitheatre.
After lunch we had some time to work on some birdhouses to complete a badge.

Group Hug for Leader Maggie.

These were my two really cute pics of the weekend. Little Madison had a Princess crown with her and she even wore it over her Touque (there's that word again!). The second one is of Grace with her Cheetos smile!!

When we got home there were some realy nice Mother's Day gifts waiting for me!!

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Cheryl said...

I like all the pictures. I'm happy the weather didn't completely screw everything up. Lucky! ☺