Sunday, April 20, 2008

Me & My Guy Car Rally

Today was our First Annual Me and My Guy Car Rally that was put on by our local Girl Scout Service Unit. We wanted to put on an event that encouraged the girls to have some fun with the Guy in their lives.

Shawna was a "driving" force in this event and spent a lot of time putting it together. We had two courses. Half of the cars took off to the left and the other half turned to the right so we could get more cars on the route faster. There were lots of questions around our local town and it took the cars about an hour and 15 minutes to complete. It wasn't a timed race because we wanted everyone to be driving safely and we drew for prizes when everyone returned.

Here's a picture of Shawna (on the right) her mom in the middle and her daughter, Kira in the background.
We had the girls in the local Troops draw a picture of what the Me and My Guy Car Rally meant to them and then we picked the top 3. Here's a picture of all of the entries (except the top 3).

Once we picked the top 3 we chose the things that we liked the most out of each picture and then we had the patch making company incorporate it into our patch for the event!
Here's a picture of Gord and the girls waiting to get going.
Here's the lineup behind them (there were a few cars ahead of them too!)
There was even one brave convertible (considering that we had snow yesterday) it turned out to be a beautiful day ~ just a little chilly wind!
Here's the team after the Rally ~ they had an awesome time and are looking forward to next year!

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Cheryl said...

The patch is cute & it's neat that it came from the kids. I'm glad you were all interested in "safety" ... HA ... bunch of boring ladies! HA HA HA

Anyway, it looks like a fun day. I'm sure I'll hear about it tomorrow morning. ☺