Monday, April 28, 2008


I've had a really tough week and this is what my oldest daughter gave to me this afternoon. It helped me feel better (except for the dying part!).

Why Moms Are So Awesome

By: Katie ************

Have you ever wondered why there was a day called Mother’s Day? Then you have come to the right place. Mother’s day is so important because without mothers we

wouldn’t have a comfort when we get a cut or when we’re bad they accept our

apologies. I think there is a Mother’s Day because they just need a day to relax and we
need to
appreciate how much mothers actually do for us.

Moms are so awesome because they help you to get organized and get better grades. If you’re

like me you know that sometimes they get mad at you. The only reason why they

do get mad at you is because they want you not to be a lazy person when you grow up.

They want you to get good grades because you can get a good collage and if you do get

a good collage you can get a good job.

The reason why I am writing

this is because I have a great mom that does all this. She comforts me when I cry and

loves me all the time. My mom also gets on me when I’m bad but accepts my apologies. I

will be sad when she dies but I will know she went up to heaven in peace.

My name is Katie ************ and I have an awesome mom. I am very sad

for people who don’t have a mom because they don’t have somebody that will cuddle up

with their child. That’s why I appreciate my mom so much. I hope I will get to have kids so

that I can watch my child grow up just like my mom watches me. I know my mom

will be sad when I move but at least she will know she grew me right. This letter is for my

mom so she knows I really appreciate her. Thanks mom.

Your loving child,

Katie ************

Sorry about the formatting, Blogger always messes it up on me and I run out of patience before I can fix it! I am glad though that Katie has decided to go to Collage instead because I've heard it's much cheaper.....LOL


We had some soccer this weekend. The weather was much nicer than the weekend before. I could actually watch the game without my teeth chattering!

Here are some pics.

This one is of Emily getting some action

Katie played Goalie the first half of the game but the second half she played left forward the rest of the game. In this shot, she is awaiting a pass and she got a shot on net. The shot didn't have enough fire power on it but it was a nice attempt all the same!
Apparently I didn't know Katie played soccer on her tippy toes!!


Cheryl said...

Maybe my kids will go to collage as well. ☺ I see what you mean about the dying part but hey, she's being realistic (right?) which will help her when she gets to collage.

MUCH better weekend for soccer. I'm glad you were able to take pictures & not lose any fingers (to frostbite) in the process.

Jerrie said...

Sorry you had a bad week. What a wonderful letter by Katie. Nice to know you are appreciated and loved!

I like the idea of going to collage...sounds like more fun than what I did. And collage is so expressive - Love it!

Judy said...

What a touching letter by Katie....everything she said was right on and she put a lot of thought into it.

Who knows...maybe collage will be less expensive. :)