Sunday, March 16, 2008


I saw this in one of the ads today and wanted to check it out. I've been wanting something to display a bunch of my misc. photos for awhile. Kohl's had a great deal on this collage picture frame. It didn't take me long to fill it up!

A while ago I got a smokin' hot deal from Circuit City on these Samsung 7.1 mp cameras for the girls. I thought that they would each like to take their own pictures when we go to Hawaii. I still needed to get memory cards and a camera case for each of them which I was able to pick up today. Guess whose is whose?

I also found a really nice (another smokin' hot deal) dress for Katie for the upcoming Spring Concerts. Katie will be performing in each of the grade levels this year and we wanted her to have a nice dress for that. I am still on the look out for one for Emily!

On the sick front, it's Emily's turn. It seems that she picked up what Katie had! Hopefully she will get better sooner than Katie did!

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tcccsy said...

Well, as you know, I approve of all the "deals" you found today! ☺ I'll have to check out the frame in person, as it's kind of hard to see the pictures here, but it looks nice so far!

Tell Emily what I said, "She already had her turn!" Poor thing!