Sunday, February 24, 2008

Busy Saturday!

We had a very busy Saturday planned yesterday! It started out by dropping the kids off at Instant Challenge Saturday at 10:00. Part of the Destination Imagination completition involves a Central Challenge and an Instant Challenge. An Instant Challenge is a problem or puzzle that the team must solve immediately without advance preparation. All of the teams in our town participate in a day of working on Instant Challenges.

Katie's Team ~ Chorific!

A portion of Emily's team ~ Hit or Myth!

With no kids in tow, we decided it was an excellent opportunity for the adults to go have some breakfast! Here is a very overwhelmed Gord taking in his very large order.

Then we headed up to New Westminster, BC for my niece and nephew's birthdays. Kelsey's Birthday is February 26th and she will be 2 years old. Keenan's Birthday is on February 28th and he will 5 years old.

It was such a beautiful day and I took this picture along the way.

A picture of Gord and his younger brother, Rob, just chillin'!

My sister-in-law, Tasha, helping Kelsey open one of her gifts.

Poor Keenan wasn't feeling very well yesterday.

Kelsey and Mama!


tcccsy said...

Rob & Gord have the same mouth. I totally see it! I'm glad to finally "see" what Rob & Tash look like. ☺

Judy said...

I love the scenic picture you took of the water with the mountains in the pretty!