Saturday, December 1, 2007

Weekend Tidbits

OK, so we didn't get a ton of snow but Emily still managed to make a cute mini snowman! Me being the smart person I am took this from inside the house since it is very chilly out at 25ยบ F.

Katie had swimming lessons today at the YMCA. She is in the Minnow's Class and at this point she knows how to swim but is just perfecting strokes. I wish I could fit into a bikini like Katie!! The pics from the pool are hard to get from the viewing area up top.

Also, Katie got picked for the Peace Patrol at school. She gets to "patrol" the Kindergarten/First Grade recesses and act as a mentor/mediator. This is a nice honor for Katie.


Jerrie said...

Very cool pics! A mini-snowman is much cuter than a big snowman so I think it rocks!

Funny to think of someone doing swimming lessons today since it is freaking cold! Archer used to do them in the winter as well and btw they will let you go in the pool area for a few pics...

tcccsy said...

Good job on the snowman Emily ... very cute!

Katie is quite the looker in her bikini ... if only. :)