Saturday, December 1, 2007

Emily's Birthday Package

Memo to self: check what scene you're on on your camera before taking pictures! It took me a bit to figure it out. That's why the first 3 didn't turn out but they showed how excited Emily was about her package so I wanted to include them. The last picture shows how they should have looked!

Yesterday, Emily came running into the room saying that a man in brown just gave her a package (obviously the man in brown usually drops packages off before we get home from school because this was a new thing for us!).

It was a package from Nana and Papa in Yuma, AZ. It contained Shrek the Third, a Ty Puss..........In Boots, a night gown and some flashy bling (don't be jealous Callie!). Thank you Nana and Papa!!


Jerrie said...

I love it when the "man in brown" delivers me packages! He comes here a lot but deliveries are rarely for me! So sad.

Happy Birthday to Emily! Love getting the Happy Birthday packages! That rocks!

tcccsy said...

Oh my, that flashy bling was something else. I think I might be jealous!