Thursday, November 29, 2007

Destination Imagination 2007

We have a new contender in our household this year!! Emily has been chosen to be on a Destination Imagination team. She is extremely excited and had a smile from ear to ear last night when she told her Dad that she had been picked for a team. She will be on the Hit or Myth team and her Coach's name is Mrs. Mayberry.

Katie, a veteran, is in her 3rd year and will again be doing the Improv Challenge ~ Chorific with her Coach Mrs. Roebuck.

Good Luck Girls!!

Challenge B: Hit or Myth

Science, Theater Arts, Research, Teamwork, International Studies

The Destination:
Where This Challenge Will Take You
Is there really a Loch Ness Monster? Is it possible to stop a shark attack by punching the shark in the nose? If Rapunzel really “let down her hair” could someone actually climb up her hair into a tower? Myths, folk tales and urban legends exist in many nations around the world. How do we know whether they’re truth or fiction? By using the Scientific Method! So get on your lab coats - now it’s your chance to find out, with the help of science, whether it’s a Hit or Myth!

Points of Interest! Your team will:
Create and present a theatrical performance with an original Story about a Myth, Urban Legend or Folk Tale. The Story must be set in a Nation other than your team’s own.
Design and carry out a Myth Investigation that investigates fact(s) about the team’s Myth. Present the results of the Investigation as part of your Story.
Create a Myth-Ecol Replica from the team’s chosen Nation, using recyclable materials.
Create two Side Trips and integrate them into the Presentation.

Challenge D: Chorific!

Focus:Improvisational Acting, Story Development, Theater Arts, Teamwork, Sound Design

The Destination:
Where This Challenge Will Take You! It is just a simple, ordinary chore. You’ve done it a thousand times without a problem. Not this time! Now you have to overcome obstacles, and famous figures of the past and present suddenly appear. With an artful sound design to accompany you on your mission, you must use your keenly honed improv techniques to tackle a chore no longer ordinary, but extraordinary! Only you can conquer everything that gets in your way and complete your chore. Only then will you be Chorific!

Points of Interest! Your team will:
Create a six-minute Improvisational Skit about an ordinary, randomly selected Chore in a 30-minute timed period at the Tournament.
Attempt to overcome two randomly selected Obstacles, both related to the Chore, in your Skit.
Create a Sound Design that will be presented live during your Skit.
Demonstrate one Improvisational Technique during your Skit.
Integrate a Famous Person, randomly selected from a list of people the team has previously researched, into your Skit.


Jerrie said...

Congratulations and Good Luck Girls!

tcccsy said...

As you know, Callie is oh SO excited! Another fun year!!! :)