Saturday, December 15, 2007

Week in review ~ Catch up!!

This is my first post on my new Blog Template. I have been looking for a new 3 column template for a long time and I finally found the one that I want. I still have some tweaking to do but I am almost there! Here is my update for the week.

Last Sunday was Cheryl's Birthday so Jerrie, Cheryl and I went out to Celebrate! We started with some minor shopping and then we ended up at Red Robin for something to eat.

The nice waiter took this lovely picture of us!

This is what happens after you've had a few drinks at Red Robin!

Monday we had Scouts.

Tuesday was the first practice for both of the girls' Destination Imagination Teams.

Wednesday we had our Service Unit Meeting for Girl Scouts. I hosted it at our house and about 10 ladies showed up. We had cheesecake from Costco and Apple Cider while we met. We also had our annual Cookie Exchange at the end. We were supposed to make 8 dozen cookies and divide them up into 1/2 dozen packages. We then divided them up amongst ourselves.
Here was my haul:

Thursday was the Honor Choir Concert at the Dutch Village Mall. (See post below!)

On Thursday night, Gord went out to turn off the Christmast lights and noticed that the Man in Brown had visited our doorstep again! This time with a package for Katie. She was already in bed so Gord put it at her spot for the morning. She was up early so she had already opened it before I was awake! She was very upset that I would not take pictures of her opening her gift now like I had for Emily but I said it was not the same since she had already opened it. I went in to have my shower and when I came out she had retaped the box and exclaimed MOM! Look, I got a present. Who can argue with that!! So I proceeded to take pictures of the gift opening re-enactment! Note first thing in the morning messy hair!

Finally, today on Saturday, Katie took her last swimming lesson of the season. She spent the time swimming back and forth the length of the YMCA Pool showing her teacher that she had perfected all of her strokes. She now moves on to the Fish level!

I took her for a hair cut after the lesson to even out her bangs from when I had cut them and she had about 2 inches taken off. Hopefully this will make for easier brushing!!


tcccsy said...

Yay, it's always lovely to see more recognition of MY birthday!!! :)

That picture of Jerrie totally cracks me up ... she's going to love it.

So, when you are you delivering some cookies to my house? You know I'm always up for some sweets.

Jerrie said...

My I am cute! :)

Like the new layout...very cool. Send me a link to some good 3 column ones! Please! :)

I like Katie's haircut - I think she looks cute with bangs!