Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's the Weekend!!

Yesterday afternoon, Gord's running buddy Ray called and asked if we wanted to meet his fiancée and another couple for dinner. We ended up going to a Mexican Restaurant in Ferndale. We weren't so sure about the restaurant at first but the food ended up being really good and they came and sang for Katie and Emily's birthday. They also brought out Tequila, Kahlua and 7-Up shooters for the adults (which brought on a major hot flash!). We were invited back to Ray's house for a Dutch Mother's Carmel Apple Pie too but we were all stuffed from dinner! All in all we had a great evening.

Katie was in her element but Emily really didn't want to be wearing the Sombrero!
Katie & Emily chowing down on the huge dessert that the restaurant brought them

Ray & Sandy
This morning we went to Church to watch Callie perform in the Christmas Program at her Church. Afterwards, we went out for lunch with the S Family to celebrate Katie's Birthday tomorrow. We went to Skylark's in Fairhaven.
Me & Gord
Cheryl & Terence

My HUGE Sandwhich!

Callie & Emily
Katie & Calob


Jerrie said...

Oh I love both of those restaurants. The one in Ferndale is one of my faves! It used to be called Tres Sombraros (loved that name!).

tcccsy said...

Look at all those lovely pictures (and I only took a couple of them)! :) I did like Skylark's ... it would've been nice if our waiter had actually been nice though ... maybe next time!