Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's Christmas Time in the City......

On Monday my boss took the office out for lunch to Busara Restaurant for Pad Thai, much to our delight! At lunch my boss surprised me with a gift. He had gone to the Bellingham Herald after the girls' picture had been printed and got a copy. He then had it framed for me! What an awesome gift! I think that I have found the perfect place for it on my wall.

It's a sad year at our house this Christmas. We no longer have a truck so this makes it much more difficult to get a live tree. I have looked at artificial ones but I have not found one that I like in my price range. I am going to be keeping an eye out for sales over the next few days and maybe after Christmas. So I have resorted to putting up the tree that I got at a garage sale this summer for free. It is 4 feet tall and pre-lit. I don't remember 4 feet being so short! I had purchased some ornaments for it so that it could be put in the dining room (which would be a perfect location for it) but it is now in our living room. I guess that my regular ornaments will have to take a breat this year.

Last night I took the girls up to visit my Auntie Deb and Uncle Ken. They always love going for a visit. We had ham and scalloped potatoes (much to my family's delight) and Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake for dessert. Does it get any better?


tcccsy said...

It's funny, that perfect place on your wall looks an awful lot like your couch! HA

I think the tree is fine. And hey, 4 feet tall is plenty tall ... at least I will be taller than the tree (yay for me)!!!

Jerrie said...

I think your tree is cute! Love the feeling a tree (fake or no) brings to a home! Really, once you go artificial you will never go back! :)