Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Good News and The Bad News

Well the good news is that we got a new computer so I can now download my pictures ~ yeah! The bad news is that we had to spend money that I would have rather not spent right now (Christmas Time) ~ Boo! Circuit City had a booming hot deal today but when we went in even though it said in stock right on the internet in their store apparently it was wrong. So Best Buy got our business. We bought an HP. We've had good luck with them in the past so we went back!

Now back to Christmas and the pics that I couldn't download before.

On Christmas Day we went to my sil, Cathy's house for brunch.


My niece, Kelsey and my nephew, Keenan

Katie on the Inversion Machine with nephew Logan and Emily watching and Taylor the Snowman in the next picture.

Next day was Christmas Day. We stayed home and had my Mom and Dad and our friends Cheryl and Terence and their kids Callie and Calob over for dinner.

This year was definitely a much more dificult year to buy for the kids. They're beyond the toy stage and into whatever pre / teens like. The Wii was definitely the highlight present of the day.

Our dinner menu is basically the same as Thanksgiving but I made a Pumpkin Cheesecake for desert.


The loot and the Wii!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty Adult Table and Pretty Kids Table


Group Picture

The next day was Boxing Day. We went to my Uncle Wally & Aunt Adele's for dinner. I think that there were are 25 people there.

Katie & Em beside their tree and Katie watching my cousin Robbie play Guitar Hero

The next day I brought the kids to work with me until we had to go to the Boys and Girls Club and they helped me take down Christmas decorations but my boss called me in later to show me the handprints all over the bathroom mirror!

The after work we wen to a place to try eye glasses on for Katie. We've been wanting to get them for a while but our town has no selection and it's hard to get them into town to try on glasses there. The one in the picture is the one that she picked.


And no, Katie is not using a peace pipe in the next picture. Katie has had a nasty cold and she had been complaining that her ear had been hurting and we thought that it was turning into an ear infection so we took her to the Dr. and he was more concerned about her lungs so we ended up doing a Nebulizer treatment while we were there and another round of Prednisone (steroids).


tcccsy said...

Holy bananas, that's a whole lotta updating! :)

I like the new glasses for Katie. They suit her face & are a nice shape for her.

Hopefully your new computer will be blazing fast & have ZERO problems!!! CC has never impressed me, we usually end up at BB also.

Jerrie said...

Yea for a new computer! Fun times ahead I am sure.

Looks like you had a load of fun over the holidays! Family and friends and good food - can't ask for much more than that.

Nice glasses Katie. :)