Saturday, October 20, 2007

Harvest Festival

We met Gord and Ray after their run this morning for breakfast at the Senior Center. It was an all you can eat breakfast for only $4.00 ~ great deal! The kids and I headed for the hay maze after breakfast.

The kids enjoy doing the hay maze every year. I can remember when Katie was a baby and taking a picture of her on top of the hay and you couldn't even see her in the maze. Now I can see the tops of their heads as they run through!!

It was a little too wet and cold to do anything but the maze but we had fun anyways!


Jerrie said...

Looks like fun. Not the best Harvest Fest weather huh? Hope you had fun and the girls enjoyed their maze.

tcccsy said...

Good pictures ... I'll have to get mine off my camera & post them ... I'm sure you are DYING to see them! :)