Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fall Soccer!!

I heard the torrential downpour this afternoon so I thought that I would go and try to rescue my girls from soccer practice. I stopped momentarily to take a picture of the full rainbow but it was so big I wasn't able to get it all in!!

The next picture is of what the girls looked like after I picked them up. Yes, Katie did have a jacket on but had stripped it off in the car.

In the last one, the girls are shaking so much that I couldn't take a proper picture (or it's the new camera and I haven't totally figured it out yet!! ~ you choose!!)


tcccsy said...

Cool pictures ... I think the blurry one of the girls is funny ... I blame the camera operator though. :)

There is NOTHING like playing soccer in the pouring rain ... nope, nothing like it!

Jerrie said...

Yikes. I think no one should even have to walk outdoors during rain much less play soccer. I am an outside-in-fair-weather-only type of girl. They do look chilly and nice rainbow pic! :)