Saturday, September 15, 2007

Soccer Jamboree

Today was the Annual Jamboree to kick things off for the Fall 2007 Soccer Season at Northwest Fields. The teams play three 20 minute games so that they can rank them and not have weaker teams playing hard teams all season.

The girls played really well and you can definitely see how they have improved since last season. It was harder to get "action" shots of Katie since she's on a larger field.

Both girls played Goalie for a half ~ EEK!! It's very hard on the Mama when they have to play Goalie ~ too much pressure!!


Jerrie said...

Looks like fun! Goalie is quite a stressful position and dangerous if you ask me...I would get hit all the time when I was a kid...I think it was because I was scared and would duck! Obviously I'm not a soccer player!

Have a great season!

tcccsy said...

I'm not a goalie mom either ... way too much stress!!! I wish I could click on Katie's pictures to make them bigger ... I can hardly see her. Did they win their games?