Monday, September 17, 2007

The Irish People

Last night, on our 12th Anniversary, we had the "Irish People" (Rosemary and Ian) and my parents and Aunt and Uncle over for dinner. My parents met them on a Geneology Website a few years ago and then went and stayed with them in Ireland.

They came and visited my parents 2 years ago and enjoyed visiting here so much that they came back for a second visit. We had Roast Beast for dinner and Yorkshire Puddings. Everything turned out really well and dinner was yummy!

Katie helping to make dinner

Yorkshire Puddings Rosemary and Ian (I think he looks like Mr. Bean!)


Jerrie said...

How exciting to meet relatives and become connected. Maybe you will visit them in Ireland one day. I love Yorkshire puddin' my Grandma used to make it...oh, the good ole days.

tcccsy said...

I still don't know what Yorkshire puddin' is ... but ok, it looks like a lovely dinner. I didn't realize it was your anniversary. You should've told me ... DORK!!! Irish people, you gotta love them! :)