Saturday, April 10, 2010

Katie's Modeling Adventure!

Upon perusing Facebook one night, I noticed that a local Salon, Blush Me, was looking for some people to have their hair cut and then get their pictures taken by a local photographer, Courtney Price Photography, to show off Meredith's (the owner of Blush Me) hair styling talents.

I inquired as to the ages of the Models that she was looking for and apparently Katie fit the bill. I only got a little nervous when she mentioned that she was going to cut and COLOR Katie's hair. Being the conservative Mom that I am, I asked if the coloring was going to be age appropriate. She assured me that Katie's hair would not be PINK or RED or any other outrageous color. Phew!! It turned out that she had highlighting plans for Katie's hair!

You must admit that the colors below still do look a little scary!

Katie didn't have a whole lot of patience for the foiling step below but we managed to get through it!!! Katie came in for the cut and color about a week before the shoot.

Isn't she beautiful!!
Finally, the foils came off!
Now for the cut!
She chopped lots off!
Here's the final result!

This was a pic that I took after Katie got home from the shoot.

And here's the professional one!


GAD said...

Wow! She looks awesome!
All grown up and gorgeous to boot!

Jennifer said...

Ummm - - - - WOW!! Gord had better keep his shotgun handy!!! The other pictures looked very nice, but when I saw the professional portrait - it took my breath away. What happened to little Katie??? You have two beautiful daughters there - both growing up just a bit too fast!!

Judy said...

Wow....Katie looks gorgeous!!