Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Olympics & Curling!

Our flight was delayed coming in from Vegas by 2 hours the night before so we were pretty tired the next morning. We weren't quite sure how busy it was going to be because we had heard horror stories before we left that it was going to be a mad house so we left pretty early. We actually got there with no trouble at all but at least we weren't panicking about being on time!!!

Gord and the kids posed outside the venue with our Tickets!
We did not carry any bags with us so we were able to enter through the Express Lanes. It was much like entering an Airport. The security was very similar except we didn't have to take our shoes off!!
Here's Emily getting checked in!We were there so early that the stands were all pretty much empty! The workers were kind enough to take pictures of us before the rest of the crowd showed up!
Because we were early, we got to see them prepping everything. This gentleman has a machine that pebbles the ice so that it is not completely smooth.
Then a mini Zamboni clears the ice of any loose particles.Only an hour to go!!
The athletes were bagpiped in.
Gotta love those pants. The Norwegian team was very stylish!The Americans played right in front of us and it was such an exciting match! In some ways we had really good seats. We were in row 2 but at the very end. The American match was right in front of us and as long as they were playing in the circle at our end of the ice it was fantastic but it was really hard to see at the other end.

After a few overtime ends the Americans were victorious and it was very exciting!

Of course a sporting match involving the Americans would not be complete without fans like these!
We loved our Olympic experience and the kids had such a good time so it was all worth it!

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