Friday, September 4, 2009

First Day of School 2009

We've survived another first day of school! Katie is entering 7th Grade this year and Emily is the big fish in the little pond in 5th Grade! It's hard to believe that when this year is done we will have been at our Elementary School for 8 years. It will be hard to move on as we love and adore everyone there!

Katie has to get up early this year at 6:00 am. She has to be at the bus stop at 6:55 am!! She is looking so grown up in her favorite color of blue!

Here is Miss Emily ~ Pretty in Pink as usual!

I wish that I had her nice skinny legs!!

This is Emily's teacher this year ~ Mrs. Cornelsen.
And last but not least (thanks to Cheryl's picture taking expertise!), here is Gord on his way to school! Cheryl drove Gord to go get his rental car so that he could make his way to his first day of school at the Academy!
Here's to a great time at school for all of the Clarkenhoven's and I'm not the least bit jealous (is that bad?).


Cheryl said...

Hard to believe this our last year at the elementary level ... silly kids keep growing up!

Glad I could help w/Gord's picture ... but it looks SO tiny! Poor Gord! lol

Judy said...

Great pictures of Katie & Emily on their first day of school!

And good for Cheryl to get one of Gord on his first day.

Andrea said...

Oh my the girls are so grown up! You've had a heck'uv a many highs and lows. That's just how it is sometimes. Look forward to seeing you...hopefully soon. Wish Gord the best at the Academy for me.