Friday, May 29, 2009

I know, I know.....'ve all seen enough pictures of my Dog(s) but since I can't seem to get a post up about Tennessee I decided to get my camera out and take some pictures.

I took lots of pictures of flowers but I know that y'all (that Southern thing's still hanging with me!) have seen enough of my flower pictures.

I then stalked the kids for awhile hoping that I might catch them doing something cute but apparently not so much. They were too busy playing to pay too much attention to me.

Gord was sleeping.

So, I then turned my camera to my last resort ~ my pig, I mean pug Chewie. He seemed in a really great mood and even posed for me!!


Cheryl said...

You're scaring me!

Judy said...

That picture is too funny!!!

gad said...

LOL! I fell for it!
Loved it!