Monday, July 14, 2008

Hawaii ~ Friday, July 4th

For some reason this day took me forever to post!!

On to the Fourth of July! We started our day off early again as Gord had entered the Freedom Run in Kailua for the Epilepsy Foundation of Hawaii. The race started at 7:00 am so that meant we had to leave at about 5:30 since we didn't know where we were going and packet pickup was at 6:00.

I was able to capture a beautiful sunrise over the mountains at the School.
I was also able to get this picture of the clouds just wisping over the mountain. It was so pretty!
Here's a picture of Gord stretching before the race. Notice the nice new sexy red shoes!
Here's a cute little snail that Emily found along the way!
So the race started! Can you see Gord? Can you see him coming. There he is!!
Just a little closer!
OK, now I can see him!
The kids were recruited to help hand out cards to the racers as they came across the finish line. It was a really cool system. In most cases the guy was able to have a card printed up with all of the runner's stats and placing within 30 seconds of their crossing the finish line!

I think I see Gord coming! He had entered the 5K race. He was hoping to have a sub 20 minute finish but with the humidity and the hill and the end it just wasn't meant to be!

He finished 12th overall and 2nd in his age group so he was given a Medal and a t-shirt. I think that that will be a very nice souvenir.

Terence and his brother-in-law Gary came out to see Gord finish. Gary didn't live too far from the race so Gord was able to get a shower there afterwards and they made us a very nice breakfast.

Afterwards, Terence and Cheryl's sister-in-law wanted to treat all of the girls to manicures and pedicures. The girls just thought this was the bomb!

Here's Emily's toes after she was done!

I love this picture of Emily showing off her manicure!

After we checked on the girls at the salon we went to get a snack at McD's to hold us off until dinner. I loved that they serve up Spam and Rice as one of their specialties! That just tickled my fancy!

Cheryl, Terence and family, Gary Denise and family and our family then headed out to a beach house that some of Gary's friends had rented for the Fourth! This is the view that I got I got to look out at all day. Tough life, huh!!

The only draw back was that you had to climb down this ladder to get to the beach. It didn't seem to bother anybody though!

Here's Salt 'n Peppa again!

The mountains were really pretty behind the beach house!

Gord took a picture of me and Cheryl.

I like this black and white one of Cheryl!

We learned about the art of Paddleboarding while we were visiting. Here's Gary doing it the correct way.

Here's Gord's try! Correct or not? You be the judge!!

It appeared very easy for both Katie and Emily!

We were fed very well and very much enjoyed spending the Fourth of July with the S Family in Hawaii!

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Cheryl said...

OMG, I love the "video" of Gord trying to paddleboard!!! That turned out perfect! The picture of Emily and her nails is cute ... she's such a dork! You'll have to send me the picture of you & I and also the b&w one of me (I don't remember you taking that). I think your picture of the 2 of us is better than mine. What's up with that? HA Congrats to Gord on his medal & t-shirt ... it's those little things, huh? ☺