Friday, March 14, 2008

Tidbits for the week....

Since I've been giving a daily Katie update, I might as well start there. She doesn't seem to be any better today. Still ranging between 101ºF and 103ºF ish temps. I called the Doctor and they didn't seem too concerned until the asthma part was mentioned. She is blowing in the red but does not seem to be labored so I promised to watch her and if she gets any worse I will bring her in.

We have this one fish that I have seen doing something really goofy several times. He likes to swim straight down into the bubbles. It's hard to get a half decent shot into the tank but I think that this gives the general idea. CRAZY!!

Emily and Hailey did a site sale at a local grocery store yesterday. They sold 59 boxes in 2 hours. Not too bad for a small town and getting very close to the end of the sales.

Katie was supposed to do a site sale in the next larger town tomorrow but I'm thinking it won't be happening for Katie!!
And so it starts!! Spring soccer is upon us. Katie's first practice was yeterday but she missed it for obvious reasons. Emily's practices started today.

Usually Coach Sharon Baker has been Emily's coach but she is joined this year by Sharon's husband Ed Baker. Emily thinks that he makes them run too hard!!! I think that this is a good thing!!
Coach Baker huddling his team.

Taking a well deserved break!

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tcccsy said...

Well duh, the fish is trying to escape ala "Finding Nemo." Maybe you shouldn't watch that in the living room anymore. ☺

Looks like Emily & Hailey did good with their cookie sales. Too bad Katie couldn't sell but at least she has a good excuse (this time).

Soccer rocks ... but only in the fall. Spring soccer is too much for me!!!!!!!!! Hope your kids score millions of goals!