Sunday, March 9, 2008

North Sound Destination Imagination Regional Competition

It's been a long time coming. These poor kids start out in December and here we are in March, after many, many hours, at this years Regional Destination Imagination Tournament. Katie is a veteran of DI with 3 years under her belt but this is Emily's very first year competing.

Katie competed in the Chorific! Challenge and Emily's Challenge was Hit or Myth.

Katie's team placed first and will head on to State at the end of March but unfortunately, yesterday was the end of the road for Emily's team. They started off with one fifth grader and one fourth grader and the rest third but the fifth grader ended up resigning. This made it a much bigger hill to climb since the younger kids depend on the maturity and experience of the older kids but I think in spite of this Emily's team, The Fish Tails, did a fantastic job and I am very proud of her. This was a little out of her comfort zone but she rose to the challenge! We will know their official placing in the next couple of days!

Here is the Prop Van on Friday with all of the teams Props in it.
On Saturday, we caught up with Emily's team in their holding area getting ready to perform.
The moment arrives. Emily did a great job even though she was quite sick on Friday and even on Saturday. She was a trooper because the show must go on!!

Presenting Katie's Team competing as Chorific!!

Team huddle after getting their Obstacle and before starting their 6 minutes to complete their Skit.

Team Pic with Coach Mrs. Roebuck

Lunch Break

Gord even tried his hand at appraising this year and he was chosen to judge the DI've Got a Secret! Challenge.

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tcccsy said...

As we all know, it's not just about winning SO ... Emily did great to even make it through a D.I. season. Heck, we all know how exhausted we are as D.I. parents, those poor kids. I still think it's funny that she lost 2 teeth at competition! Such a funny girl!!!

Katie did great as well. She & Callie rocked as the bathtub! On to state we go! ☺