Sunday, March 30, 2008

Destination Imagination WA State Champions!

I want to warn ahead of time this is a long post!! I have added post specific pictures in this blog post and you can find all of my picutres here.

This weekend Katie competed in the WA State Competition for Destintation Imgination. It was held in Wenatchee, WA. Katie's team was in the Chorific Challenge. They beat out 5 other teams at Regionals on March 8.

Thursday afternoon, Cheryl came over and helped me "paint" Gord's car with a little DI Spirit!! I've never done this before and it was fun!

We left bright and early on Friday morning. We saw Katie off on the bus and then Gord, Emily and I headed off in the car. Below is a team picture before they left.

Emily kept busy with the DVD Player for the long ride to Wenatchee. It usually takes between 3 - 4 hours. We had some crazy Spring snow so it took us a little longer!!

Still lots of snow up on Steven's Pass.

We stopped in Leavenworth on the way for lunch. It was here that we found the Hat Shop. And the perfect DI hat!!! Gord had forgotten his Appraiser's hat and we knew that the Eyeball one would fit the duty perfectly!! Gord found dreads along the way too!!

Finally, we made it to our hotel. I took a pretty picture across the river from my hotel room.

I was chaperoning so we went down to the pool to watch the kids swim and one or two found the hot tub!!!Later that night, Kelsey's mom painted the girls' nails with Lion's Paws for some school spirit!

Here are a close up of Katie's the next day!On Saturday, we had to get up early because the team completed early and had to check in an hour earlier. Here they are unloading the Prop Van.

Mrs. Roebuck is having a Team Conference before they get checked in!

More checking in!

Now it's time to get down to business! They are listening eagerly to find out what their Chores and Obstacles are!!

They have one minute to incorporate their Historical Figure into their Challenge. A roll of the die revealed that it would be Ida Pfeiffer, which is Kelsey's character. The team huddles to see how they will incorporate her.

They hurriedly bring in all of their props and then they have 6 minutes to put everything together for the judges and the audience!

Katie & Callie

Afterwards, they meet with each of the judges in case the judges need clarification on anything. It also gives the kids an opportunity to explain their whole process. It is a very long process, they start in December and then can culminate in May at Global Finals.

After the Central Challenge there was some down time. Catyler's grandma was showing Katie some Origami.

Lots of hand clapping games!

BTW, Emily was with me too!!

Gord enjoyed his appraising experience so much at Regionals that he volunteered to appraise at State too! Notice the nice hat!!

Here they are after receiving first place!! Washington State Champions!! Off to Global Finals in Knoxville, TN!!


Jerrie said...

Congratulations on going to Globals! Katie knew she would do it and she did!

Looks like fun! LOVE Gord's hat!

Cheryl said...

Wowsers, it certainly was quite the day ... it was thrilling & exhausting & stressful & exciting ... all in one. Whew, and off we go!!! Congrats to Katie ... a promise IS a promise! ☻