Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pictures & Dinner

After I took my Shot of the Day, I took these pictures. The sky was so pretty and just kept changing so quickly.

After, we had an inpromptu dinner with the Smith's at a new restaurant in town. I think everyone gave it fairly good reviews. Especially Callie, who had ribs.
The gentleman behind us was there to celebrate his 103rd birthday! The man in the leather coat with his back to the camera is the Mayor. I guess you get distinguished company for your birthday dinner when you get to be over 100!


tcccsy said...

The food WAS good ... even I liked mine (shocking)!!! I like your sky pictures too ... they look a little scary even!

Judy said...

Looks like everyone enjoyed the new restaurant...how fun. And I love the sky pictures, especially the third one. That's the way the sunrises and sunsets have been here lately.