Saturday, February 9, 2008

Date with Cheryl!

The kids each had a Destination Imagination practice today so that meant Cheryl and I could go out and play! We started out with a HUGE breakfast.

Katie and Callie's team were still looking for a few props and we said that we'd keep our eye out for stuff. One of the things was a cookie sheet-like thing that made a certain sound. Well that meant that Cheryl had to try out anything and everything that might remotely work. Here's a couple of pictures of her in action!

We then amused ourselves on the ponies at the Grocery Store! Who says we're too old!!

I caught a glimpse of Emily's DI team in action as we went to pick them up.


tcccsy said...

I have to say, maybe if YOU had actually tried to make some noise I wouldn't have had to keep doing it myself. I think you were being lazy ... whatever! ☺

We rock on those horses ... cowgirls in the making for sure!

Jerrie said...

No one says your too old, but.....


Fun times with funtime Cheryl!

Judy said...

I think the picture of the day is the one of Cheryl & Sharon on the ponies....rock on!!