Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's getting closer to summer, right?

When the swim suits come out it's almost time for summer, right? It'll be warm and sunny soon, right? The days will be longer and we can go for nice walks again, right! Right, ya right!!

Today was a milestone for my car. Cheryl and I went to town and I only had 4 miles to go for the big event. So as it got closer I pulled over to the shoulder to catch this event on film! My poor car.


tcccsy said...

Those pictures of your odometer crack me up ... what a memory I'll have forever. ☺

Yes, summer is almost here. Sure, just keep saying it over & over ... and over & over!!!

Jerrie said...

Ah. We still haven't had a snow day - no snow day, no summer! :)

When your car flips 300,000 that is a milestone (we got rid of ours at 340,000...). You are funny - glad you weren't driving when you got in the pic...that would be something.