Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy 13th Birthday, Calob!

It's Calob's 13th birthday today and we helped him celebrate by meeting Cheryl, Terence, Callie & Calob and Jerrie & Archer for lunch at Pad Thai today. Gord tried Pad Thai for the first time today and apparently it was a miss for him. I think there must be something wrong with him because I Love Pad Thai!

The Tween and the Teens

I took an "action" shot of Jerrie's Thai Iced Tea being stirred today. It was kind of cool but I won't bore the rest of you with it so Cheryl and Jerrie it is here.


tcccsy said...

That picture turned out cute & hey, I like the thai iced tea pictures ... very cool.

Thanks for sharing Calob's birthday with us. Too bad Gord didn't like the food but hey, he's kind of weird that way! :)

Jerrie said...

I love the iced tea pictures! Fantastic! Next time we will do video - good idea!

Good food. Friends. Celebration. All in all an awesome lunch!