Friday, January 18, 2008


It feels like forever since I've posted! It seems that my Photo Blog has taken over my Blogging time. Since it would be impossible to top last Friday, this week has been much more ordinary!!
On Sunday, we went out for our traditional birthday dinner with the Smith Family (names are changed to protect the innocent!!) to Billy McHale's.

On Sunday's there is this Balloon Man that comes around and makes Balloon Animals for the kids. Well, we have been there enough times that we know all of his jokes and we (the adults just sit and roll our eyes through the whole routine) and they (the kids) still love him. Anyways, it was insisted upon that the Birthday Girl (me) get a goofy balloon crown.

The rest of the week was rounded out with Girl Scouts (yes you are still able to purchase cookies ~ kinds available here), Destination Imagination for both kids, church and a little hot tubbing (for Gord and I!).

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tcccsy said...

I hope you don't have TOO many days like last Friday, cuz if so you are just TOO fancy for me! HA ... I know what you mean though, about this week being pretty ho-hum, but in a good, relaxing way of course. ☺