Saturday, November 3, 2007

Last Day of Soccer!

Alas, it was finally the last day for soccer and it was a duzy! After finally figuring out the correct times to play, Emily's game was at 11:30 and Katie's at 2:15 (not enough time in between to do anything but sit in the car). It started to drizzle not long after Emily's game started and it continued for the whole game. We were all soaking wet.

Katie forgot her jersey at home so I had to hike back out and find Emily's coach so I could borrow the dirty, soaking wet jersey for Katie's game or she wouldn't be able to play.

I decided to not even take the chairs out for Katie's game because of all of the mud. I was scared that somebody was going to get really hurt due to all of the slippin' and slidin' in the mud. We didn't win and the wind really picked up in the 2nd half and it was really cold so we were really glad to grab something to eat and head home to warm up.

Muddy Katie on the sidelines!

Mud Bowl against Blaine!

I thought this might have been the pic I was looking for for Katie this season but it turned out blury! :o(

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tcccsy said...

If you don't have 1 game full of mud then you aren't playing soccer in Washington! :)