Sunday, October 7, 2007

Missoula Theatre ~ Robin Hood

It's Missoula Theatre time again. This year's play was Robin Hood. I heard that over 100 kids tried out and they gave out 52 parts. Katie has done Missoula Theatre since she was in Kindergarten and this year got the part of a Forester. Emily wasn't as lucky but enjoyed watching her sister in the play anyways.

They audition on Monday and assign parts at the end of the audition. They continue to practice every day until Saturday and then put on 2 performances on Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening. It makes for a very long week but Katie enjoys every minute of it.

The entire cast (or as many as I could fit in with my camera!)

Robin Hood
The Foresters (Katie's in the upper right hand corner)

Every actress needs a bouquet of flowers at the end
(one from her parents and the other from a former teacher)


tcccsy said...

Katie did a GREAT job & the entire production kept my kids giggling throughout! :)

Jerrie said...

Looks like fun. Hope Katie enjoyed her experience...and yes, every actress does need flowers!