Sunday, August 5, 2007

Well, with a little tweaking along the way, my first Meal Plan Monday was a great success! My only holdover meal will be the Pork Chops thanks to Katie and her great desire to have CALOB over for dinner. Of course having Calob over for dinner meant bringing the rest of the Symonds Family with him. It was worth it though because Terence brought some mighty tasty Ribs with him.

Monday ~ Milt's Pizza
Tuesday ~ Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Soup
Wednesday ~ Almost Stuffed Peppers
Thursday ~ Crock Pot Cheesy Penne & Garlic Bread
Friday ~ WalMart night ~ we'll eat in town
Saturday ~ Brats and Pasta Salad
Sunday ~ Sloppy Joe's

Here goes round two!!

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tcccsy said...

Are you planning on having Billy's 2 Sunday's in a row?!? We'll be there on the 19th ... will you?

And thank Katie again for having us over for dinner. She did a great job as hostess & chef. :}