Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First Day of School

I always love the first day of school. New supplies, new teachers and butterflies in tummies (maybe even the mama's this year!!). Gord even got to participate in the festivities this year which I think that he enjoyed. We got the girls on the bus and then raced over to the school to meet them. Mrs. Vossbeck was at the front door greeting kids. This is our first time meeting her.


The official picture.........
Getting on the bus
The girls and the school's namesake, Mrs. Vossbeck
Emily with her teachers, Mrs. Burns and Mrs. Munkres
Katie with her teacher, Ms. Hanna


tcccsy said...

ah, the lovely first day of school pictures ... you just have to love them!!!

Jerrie said...

Hope the girls had a great day! Love the pics...what wonderful memories! :)