Friday, August 17, 2007

The Fair 2007

What can I say, we did the Fair again this year. This year though we had the added bonus of working a couple of booths. Day 1 we worked the Girl Scout booth from 2 - 6 and Gord came and met us afterwards for dinner and we got to check out some of the animal exhibits. The cow juding was fun to watch ~ there were dinfinitely some cranky cows there!!

Day 2 was family day and we met up with Cheryl and Callie so the girls could ride some rides together. They had a great time and we only misplaced them for a moment or two. We ran into Jerrie and the boys for a bit too. Gord came later and we had more Fair fun but I was definitely worn out by the time to go home.

Day 3 Katie and I got to "man" the DI Booth selling duckies and encouraging people to Name the Duck. I think our favorite name of the day was Mrs. Roeduck!!

I'm definitely glad the Fair is done for us and now off to Kamloops...........

Katie & Emily at the Girl Scout Booth


It all looked very innocent.......

and then.....

More rides!!

And then we put the kids in the Drunk Tank

for awhile so we could get a break!

Katie on the big Moonraker!

The object of the Duck Naming Contest

Katie at the DI Booth

Katie & Mrs. Roebuck in a contest to do............


You know there's definitely something wrong with the Fair when.......


Jerrie said...

Looks like fun! Great pics. Love the pig and the duck pyramid contest. I think I missed that one. :)

Jerrie said...

Wait...upon closer reading...The drunk tank?