Tuesday, August 7, 2007


This weekend Emily's Scout Troop went camping at Berthusen Park. I was really not looking forward to it. I am just not a camper. This is my contribution to my kids' camping experience ~ I will camp once a year with them at Scout camp. This year it will end up being 3 times but who's counting!! I'm usually fine and generally end up enjoying it once I'm there ~ it's just the getting there!!

We ended up having a great time. The girls were really good and we ate well. What more can you ask for.

At campfire on Sunday night we retired an old American Flag. None of us had done it before but we thought it would be a nice ceremony for the girls to witness. We disposed of it in the campfire and Maggie, our leader, read a very nice tribute to the Flag. We sang taps and then went to bed.

We made Baggie Omlets and Apple Turnovers for breakfast ~ very good!!


We set our tents up
Then of course we had to try them out!

We went for a hike and checked out all of the leftover tractor stuff from the Steam Engine Show

Gracie had the right idea for S'mores

Our Flag Retirement Ceremony

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tcccsy said...

Camping once a year is ok but 3 times is just plain overkill! You really should stomp any further camping plans right in the ground! HA I'm glad you all had fun though!