Saturday, August 4, 2007

Artists of the Future!

Last weekend, Cheryl and I and our kids went for lunch in Lynden. Afterwards we decided to do some window shopping and we happened upon a new art gallery that had just opened, Jean Pierre's. We went in to look at the art and the next thing Cheryl and I knew, Jean Pierre hada table out for the kids with a canvas and some watercolors. He gave them an out-line to start with and then they went at it.

When they were finished he took their pictures, decided on a price for the painting (taking into consideration the cut for the gallery of course!!) and then promised to display it in the store.

We went back today to get some pictures and he still had it displayed as promised!!

Picture out-line
Katie & Emily

Callie & Calob

The Painting!

Painting Title

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tcccsy said...

I'm glad you got a picture of your girls with the painting too, so we can always remember the "work of art" our children created together. Now, if we can only find someone to buy it! :)