Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ragnar 24 Hour Relay

This weekend Gord competed in the Ragnar 24 hour relay. He was on a team of 12 people that left Blaine, WA @ 11:00 am on Friday and they finished up at 12:05 pm on Saturday in Langley, WA. Each team member does 3 legs of the race all the way through the night ~ CRAZY!! I talked to Gord shortly after his last leg and he said it was worse that doing a Marathon but he seemed to have a great time doing it. There were 2 vans that held 6 team members each and Gord was in the van with his friend Terence, below. You can find a map of the course and see the individual legs here. Gord is runner 10.
Gord handing off to a 19 year old team member, Corey



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tcccsy said...

The fact that Gord can even compare this relay to a marathon is a sad fact. NO ONE should run these crazy "races" just because ... it's pure torture I tell you! :)