Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Girl Scout Twilight Camp

This is the girls' fifth year at Twilight Camp and they really look forward to it every year. It is out at Hovander Park this year, which I like much better than Pioneer Park, where it has been held the last couple of years.

The first couple of days we had some really nice weather. Katie got to go canoeing and do some Archery yesterday.

Today the weather wasn't so nice and the first thing the girls wanted to do when they got home was to jump into the bath!! Katie will be spending the night at the Park tomorrow and they will be all done on Friday at 6:00.

Our Peacock friend who sounded like a dead cat/cow when he cawed (sp?)

Emily, Kyanna and Hailey.

The Singing Tree

Crazy Hair Day!!


tcccsy said...

I absolutely ADORE the crazy hair!!! What fun ... I'm jealous!

Jerrie said...

Looks like fun times. Love the hair! :) I LOVE Hovander, but I also have a soft spot for Pioneer Park (I was a tour guide there for a summer)!