Monday, December 1, 2008

Another Mega Post.....sorry :o(

Hi all! I'm sorry and I will try to get out of this pattern that I've been in lately of not posting for 2 - 3 weeks and then doing a large post to catch up. It has not been my intention but it has been all that I've had time for so it will just have to do!!

The start of this post takes us all the way back to November 16th!! The day of Leanna's (and baby Adriana's (the "a" is pronounced like the "a" in apple I found out!! The name is Dutch after Wilco's mother) baby shower. The girls and I made our trek up to North Vancouver a little early so that we could make a short stop at Stanley Park. It wasn't raining so it was a great day for this!

We took some pictures in front of the Totem Poles. The girls really enjoyed visiting them!

We also made a stop at the Light House at Brockton Point. We also saw a harbor Vancouver Police Boat which you don't see every day! The last picture is of the girls in front of the Lion's Gate Bridge to North Vancouver. They seemed to have done some road work on it since the last time I drove over it because it used to be ultra narrow and very scary!

Check out all of the yummy food at the shower. It was held at Siu-Imm's house. It was the first time that I had visted her house and it was very nice and cozy. Her kids are getting to be very big too! Erin really seemed to like hanging out with Katie and Emily. It was their turn to be the older girls followed around by younger ones!! :o)

The next night was the girls' Rededication Ceremony at Girl Scouts. They are in different Junior troops plus I lead another Jr. troop so we have lots of Junior activities going on in our house! The first picture is of Katie and her good friend Shannon starting off the evening with a Candle Ceremony. The next is of Emily receiving her patch from her leader.

Thursday was Basketball practice. Emily has decided to give Basketball a try this winter and she has been practicing hard with her team. Here is a shot of her passing the ball to one of her teamates. She is doing really well and seems to enjoy the Bball!

Friday Night was the Final Mile! I posted about it last year. The kids work hard at lunch to complete laps around the school yard equalling 25 miles and then they have a get together on a Friday night to have everyone complete the last 1.2 miles. They get their lap cards completed after each lap and when they're done they receive their medal. Boy was it a nasty night! It was fine when we got there but within 10 minutes the wind had picked up and the rain was blowing sideways!!

This picture shows Emily sporting each of the feet that she's collected at school. Each foot represents a completed card or 5 miles plus you get bonus feet for each subsequent card that you complete. The two big feet at the bottom are the ones that she gets when she completes the 25 miles. The kids wear them with pride!

Here is the starting line. I put an arrow pointing to Emily!

Almost done!!

Her card's done! You can see how hard the wind's blowing!

Here she is with her medal! Well done Emily!!

Thanksgiving! I am very thankful this year to have our health, each of our jobs, a roof over our heads, two awesome kids, a loving husband and lots of family and friends. We were fortunate enough to spend this Thanksgiving with some of these family and friends. Cheryl was nice enough to document the turkey carving for me.

After Thanksgiving the kids went home with Grandma and Grandpa. It gave Gord and I three whole days to ourselves! What a luxury. We did a little bit of shopping. Ended up only buying online.

The prime reason for G&G to watch the kids was so that Gord could compete in a Marathon of his own, The Seattle Marathon. He did the ½ Marathon. It turned out to be a perfect day for the marathon, it was very warm.
Nice banners to welcome us!
Our hotel!
And we even took a ride on the Monorail. I had never been on it before! It was so crowded that we ended up just walking back.

But, here's what we could see from our hotel window! I'm sorry that it's not straight but I had forgotten my tripod and this was the best I could get. When I try to straighten it with the computer it lops off the top of the tree. It was still cool all the same!

Here's my makeshift tripod! Let me tell you I tried everything that I could!!

Here's Gord's bib!

Ready, set, GO!

They gave out cowbells at the start to cheer the runners on and here is the wife and daugther of one of the other runners.

The Space Needle disappeared into the Fog!

Gord's good friend Ray and his wife Sandy also ran but I only caught a picture of Ray coming around the corner. Ray won his division and Sandy placed 7th in her age group.

It's Gord's turn to come through the shoot!

Phew, it's all over!


Cheryl said...

Holy moly girl ... you definitely need to post more often ... you know I don't mind your posts BUT a few more shorter posts more often might be better! lol

Judy said...

I enjoyed the totem pole pictures at Stanley Park, & hope to get to see them some day. Congrats to Gord on the 1/2 marathon! How neat that you had a view of the Space Needle from your hotel room....good picture even if it isn't quite straight.